7th of June 2020

COVID-19 responses in Jadaa (1) IDPs camp

Doctor Jasim the project coordinator give training about IPC (infection prevention control) and CoVID 19 prevention to all nutrition and Immunization staff after he take online training with certificate for IPC and COVID-19 from WHO Website.


March 14, 2020

Capacity building of the health workers on the Infection Prevention & control 

DAMA conducted several sessions for the health staff working in the PHCCs in the camp and outside the camp on the topic of infection prevention & control , the training is consider one of the main pillar for the CoVID response according to WHO response plan

April  01, 2020

Sterilization of public places in Erbil 

Our team continue their work for public area sterelization in coordination with Erbil Municipality as Initiative for prevention of Corona outbreak

April 13, 2020

Support the Ministry of Health in Kurdistan region of Iraq with needed PPE and medical supplies

DAMA donated two tons of medical supplies and Personal Protective Equipment PPE to teh CoVID treatment centers in Erbil , this donation come in line to support the Ministry of health in Kurdistan region of Iraq in their response to CoVID outbreak

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